Section: Software

P2Prec (P2P recommendation service)

Participants : Fady Draidi, Esther Pacitti [contact] , Didier Parigot, Guillaume Verger.

URL: http://p2prec.gforge.inria.fr

P2Prec is recommendation service for P2P content sharing systems that exploits users social data. To manage users social data, we rely on Friend-Of-A-Friend (FOAF) descriptions. P2Prec has a hybrid P2P architecture to work on top of any P2P content sharing system. It combines efficient DHT indexing to manage the users FOAF files with gossip robustness to disseminate the topics of expertise between friends. P2Prec is implemented in java using the Data-Shared Overlay Network (SON) infrastructure which is the basis for the ANR DataRing project.