Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


  • Valérie Issarny gives a 12 hours lecture on “Pervasive Service Oriented Computing" as part of the SWAS lecture of the Master 2 COSY of the University of Versailles Saint-Quentin en Yvelines;

  • Animesh Pathak co-taught a M2 level course on “Web sémantique, contenus et usages” at University of Versailles Saint-Quentin-en-Yvelines in Spring 2012; and

  • Animesh Pathak gave two three-hour guest lectures at CNAM, Paris as part of a M2 level course.


In 2012, the following student successfully defended his PhD: Nebil Ben Mabrouk, “QoS Service Oriented Middleware for Pervasive environments”, defended April 2012, advised by Nikolaos Georgantas and Valérie Issarny

Additionally, the following PhD theses are currently in progress at the ARLES project-team:

  • Emil Andriescu, “Synthèse et déploiement dynamiques de protocoles de médiation pour l’interopérabilité dans les environnements collaboratifs nomades”, started October 2012, advised by Valérie Issarny

  • Dionysis Athanasopoulos, “Evolution and Maintenance in Service-oriented Software”, started October 2008, advised by Apostolos Zarras and Valérie Issarny

  • Amel Bennaceur, “Synthèse dynamique de connecteurs pour les réseaux ubiquitaires", started October 2009, advised by Valérie Issarny

  • Benjamin Billet, “Self-adaptive Streaming Middleware for the Internet of Things”, started October 2012, advised by Valérie Issarny

  • Sara Hachem, “Middleware pour l'Internet des objets intelligents", started October 2012, advised by Animesh Pathak and Valérie Issarny

  • Pankesh Patel, “Enabling High-Level Application Development in Sensing-and-Actuation-augmented Pervasive Systems, started October 2010, advised by Animesh Pathak and Valérie Issarny


Valérie Issarny served on the PhD jury of two students: Ahmed Gater (May 2012, UVSQ), and Ajay Kattepur (November 2012, U. Rennes I)