Major publications by the team in recent years
  • 1S. Ben Mokhtar, D. Preuveneers, N. Georgantas, V. Issarny, Y. Berbers.

    EASY: Efficient SemAntic Service DiscoverY in Pervasive Computing Environments with QoS and Context Support, in: Journal of Systems and Software, Special Issue on Web Services Modelling and Testing, 2008, vol. 81, no 5, p. 785-808.
  • 2G. Blair, A. Bennaceur, N. Georgantas, P. Grace, V. Issarny, V. Nundloll, M. Paolucci.

    The Role of Ontologies in Emergent Middleware: Supporting Interoperability in Complex Distributed Systems, in: Big Ideas track of ACM/IFIP/USENIX 12th International Middleware Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, 2011.

  • 3M. Caporuscio, P.-G. Raverdy, V. Issarny.

    ubiSOAP: A Service Oriented Middleware for Ubiquitous Networking, in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2010, vol. 99, no PrePrints. [ DOI : 10.1109/TSC.2010.60 ]

  • 4D. Charlet, V. Issarny, R. Chibout.

    Energy-efficient middleware-layer multi-radio networking: An assessment in the area of service discovery, in: Comput. Netw., January 2008, vol. 52, p. 4–24. [ DOI : 10.1016/j.comnet.2007.09.018 ]

  • 5V. Issarny, M. Caporuscio, N. Georgantas.

    A Perspective on the Future of Middleware-based Software Engineering, in: FOSE '07: 2007 Future of Software Engineering, Washington, DC, USA, IEEE Computer Society, 2007, p. 244–258.

  • 6V. Issarny, N. Georgantas, S. Hachem, A. Zarras, P. Vassiliadis, M. Autili, M. A. Gerosa, A. Ben Hamida.

    Service-Oriented Middleware for the Future Internet: State of the Art and Research Directions, in: Journal of Internet Services and Applications, May 2011, vol. 2, no 1, p. 23-45. [ DOI : 10.1007/s13174-011-0021-3 ]

Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

  • 7N. Ben Mabrouk.

    QoS-aware Service-Oriented Middleware for Pervasive Environments, Université Pierre et Marie Curie - Paris VI, April 2012.

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 8N. Bencomo, A. Bennaceur, P. Grace, G. Blair, V. Issarny.

    The Role of Models@run.time in Supporting On-the-fly Interoperability, in: Computing, October 2012.

  • 9N. Bencomo, S. Hallsteinsen, E. Almeida.

    A View of the Landscape of Dynamic Software Product Lines, in: IEEE Computing, Special Issue on Dynamic Software Product Lines, October 2012.

  • 10M. Caporuscio, P.-G. Raverdy, V. Issarny.

    ubiSOAP: A Service Oriented Middleware for Ubiquitous Networking, in: IEEE Transactions on Services Computing, 2012.
  • 11P. Sawyer, R. Mazo, D. Diaz, C. Salinesi, D. Hughes.

    Using Constraint Programming to Manage Configurations in Self-Adaptive Systems, in: Computer, 2012, vol. 45, no 10.
  • 12I. Schaefer, R. Rabiser, D. Clarke, L. Bettini, D. Benavides, G. Botterweck, A. Pathak, S. Trujillo, K. Villela.

    Software diversity: state of the art and perspectives, in: International Journal on Software Tools for Technology Transfer, October 2012, vol. 14, no 5, p. 477-495. [ DOI : 10.1007/s10009-012-0253-y ]


International Conferences with Proceedings

  • 13D. Athanasopoulos, A. Zarras, P. Vassiliadis.

    Service Selection for Happy Users: Making User Intuitive Quality Abstractions, in: SIGSOFT/FSE'12 20th ACM SIGSOFT Symposium on the Foundations of Software Engineering (FSE-20), North Carolina, United States, W. Tracz (editor), ACM, November 2012.

  • 14N. Bencomo, A. Belaggoun.

    Supporting Decision-making for Self-adaptive Systems: From Goal Models to Dynamic Decision Networks, in: 9th International Working Conference on Requirements Engineering: Foundation for Software Quality (REFSQ), 2013.
  • 15N. Bencomo, K. Welsh, P. Sawyer, J. Whittle.

    Towards Self-explanation in Adaptive Systems Assumptions, in: 17th IEEE International Conference International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems ICECCS 2012, Paris, France, July 2012.

  • 16A. Bennaceur, V. Issarny, R. Spalazzese, S. Tyagi.

    Achieving Interoperability through Semantics-based Technologies: The Instant Messaging Case, in: ISWC 2012 - 11th International Semantic Web Conference, Boston, United States, 2012.

  • 17A. Bennaceur, V. Issarny, D. Sykes, F. Howar, M. Isberner, B. Steffen, J. Richard, M. Alessandro.

    Machine Learning for Emergent Middleware, in: JIMSE- Joint workshops on Intelligent Methods for Software System Engineering, Montpellier, France, 2012.

  • 18L. Cavallaro, P. Sawyer, D. Sykes, N. Bencomo, V. Issarny.

    Satisfying Requirements for Pervasive Service Compositions, in: 7th International Workshop on Models@run.time (MRT 2012), Innsbruck, Austria, ACM, October 2012.

  • 19A. Chhatwal, K. K. Shukla, A. Pathak.

    Application Development for the Internet of Things: Observations and Challenges, in: Work in Progress session of IEEE International Conference on the Internet of Things, iThings 2012, Besançon, France, 2012.

  • 20S. Hachem, A. Pathak, V. Issarny.

    Probabilistic Registration for Large-Scale Mobile Participatory Sensing, in: IEEE International Conference on Pervasive Computing, California, USA, March 2013.

  • 21A. Ramirez, B. Cheng, N. Bencomo, P. Sawyer.

    RELAXing Claims: Coping With Uncertainty While Evaluating Assumptions at Run Time, in: ACM/IEEE 15th International Conference on Model Driven Engineering Languages & Systems MODELS 2012 MODELS 2012, InnsBruck, Austria, September 2012.

  • 22P. Sawyer, A. Pathak, N. Bencomo, V. Issarny.

    How the Web of Things Challenges Requirements Engineering, in: 3rd Workshop on The Web and Requirements Engineering at 12th International Conference on Web Engineering ICWE 2012, Berlin, Germany, July 2012.

  • 23R. Torres, N. Bencomo, H. Astudillo.

    Mitigating the obsolescence of quality specifications models in service-based systems, in: Workshop MoDRE 2012, Model-driven Requirements Engineering Workshop, Chicago, United States, September 2012.


Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

  • 24J. Andersson, L. Baresi, N. Bencomo, R. De Lemos, A. Gorla, P. Inverardi, T. Vogel.

    Software Engineering Processes for Self-adaptive Systems, in: Software Engineering for Self-adaptive Systems 2, R. de Lemos, H. Giese, H. Muller, M. Shaw (editors), Lecture Notes in Computer Science, Springer, September 2012, vol. 7475.

  • 25R. De Lemos, H. Giese, H. Müller, M. Shaw, J. Andersson, L. Baresi, B. Becker, N. Bencomo, Y. Brun, B. Cikic, R. Desmarais, S. Dustdar, G. Engels, K. Geihs, K. Goeschka, A. Gorla, V. Grassi, P. Inverardi, G. Karsai, J. Kramer, M. Litoiu, A. Lopes, J. Magee, S. Malek, S. Mankovskii, R. Mirandola, J. Mylopoulos, O. Nierstrasz, M. Pezze, C. Prehofer, W. Schafer, W. Schlichting, B. Schmerl, D. Smith, J. Sousa, G. Tamura, L. Tahvildari, N. Villegas, T. Vogel, D. Weyns, K. Wong, J. Wuttke.

    Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems: A Second Research Roadmap, in: Software Engineering for Self-Adaptive Systems II, R. De Lemos, H. Giese, H. Müller, M. Shaw (editors), Springer, September 2012.

  • 26A. B. Hamida, F. Kon, G. A. Oliva, C. E. M. D. Santos, J.-P. Lorré, M. Autili, G. De Angelis, A. Zarras, N. Georgantas, V. Issarny, A. Bertolino.

    An Integrated Development and Runtime Environment for the Future Internet, Future Internet Assembly, Springer, 2012, p. 81-92.

Books or Proceedings Editing

  • 27V. Issarny, G. Blair (editors)

    Journal of Internet Services and Applications, Special Issue on Future of Middleware (FOME), Springer, May 2012, vol. 3, no 1.

Scientific Popularization

  • 28A. Bennaceur, P. Inverardi, V. Issarny, R. Spalazzese.

    Automated Synthesis of CONNECTors to support Software Evolution, in: ERCIM News, January 2012.

  • 29P. Grace, G. Blair, V. Issarny.

    Emergent Middleware, in: ERCIM News, January 2012, vol. 2012, no 88, p. 27-28.


Other Publications

  • 30CHOReOS consortium. CHOReOS Deliverables. IP CHOReOS EU project, FP7 grant agreement number 257178, 2012.

  • 31Connect consortium. Connect Deliverables. FET IP Connect EU project, FP7 grant agreement number 231167, 2012.