Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

National initiatives

ANR KaraMetria

Participants : Xavier Pennec [correspondant] , Vikash Gupta, Marco Lorenzi.

KaraMetria is the concatenation of Kara ("head", "brain" in ancient Greek), and Metria ("measure"). This ANR-funded project (2010-2012, http://sites.google.com/site/karametria/ ) aims at: developing an extensible image registration framework able to map anatomical descriptors (such as sulcal lines or white matter fibers) of the brain shape from one subject to another : providing all necessary statistical tools to compare a subject with a group or compare groups of subjects based on the aforementioned registration framework ; and identifying biomarkers of certain brain pathologies and psychiatric disorders. In particular, we target the study of a population of depressive teenagers. This project is led in collaboration with the LNAO at CEA, the MAP5 laboratory from the University Paris Descartes, and the INSERM U797 unit.

Consulting for Industry

  • Nicholas Ayache is scientific consultant for the company Mauna Kea Technologies (Paris).

Collaboration with national hospitals

Asclepios is collaborating with the following 3 IHU (University Hospital Institute) in France : the IHU-Strasburg (Pr J. Marescaux and L. Soler) on image-guided surgery, the IHU-Bordeaux (Pr M. Haïssaguere and Pr P. Jaïs) on cardiac imaging and modeling and the IHU-Pitié Salpétriére (Dr. O. Colliot and S. Durrleman) on neuroimaging.

We also have long term collaborations with the CHU Nice and Centre Antoine Lacassagne in Nice.