Section: Dissemination


Master 2 MVA and École Centrale de Paris.

H. Delingette and X. Pennec are co-responsible of 2 modules on medical imaging (formation and analysis of medical images) (45 hours of lectures) at the the Master MVA of ENS Cachan "Mathematiques, Vision et Apprentissage". The second module is common to the 3rd year of Ecole Centrale Paris.

Master IFI - Computational Biology, Univ. Nice-Sophia-Antipolis.

X. Pennec is responsible of a 21h module on Computational Anatomy and Physiology, with the participation of H. Delingette (9h)

Diplôme Inter Universitaire - Radiothérapie externe Haute Technicité, Univ. Nice-Sophia-Antipolis.

X. Pennec gave a 3 h course.