Section: Dissemination


In 2012 our team has invested a large amount of time and energy in reaching out, in close collaboration with our support staff:

  • The “Understanding Software” symposium with more than 250 participants from industry and academia. This was organized in honor of celibrating the 40th anniversary of Paul Klint at CWI. The symposium was a great success, with internationally renowned speakers and a large and diverse audience. The topic was entirely devoted to the research topics of our team.

  • Turing centennial exposition, including Enigma machine and X1, hosted more than 1000 visitors.

  • Lego Turing Machine, including IDE, was an online hit with millions of viewers. Articles about the machine and its meaning appeared in all major Dutch journals and we estimate a reach of more than 3 million readers.

  • ICT Delta - we presented at the Dutch national symposium ICT Delta where industry meets academia in ICT.

  • Floor Sietsma appeared on national television and radio, and in most newspapers to explain about her role as the youngest Phd candidate and her research.

  • Paul Klint chaired public discussion on Government Data Policy, IPoort, The Hague, April 10, 2012

  • Jurgen Vinju went to different companies to explain about Rascal and building your own software metrics, and software engineering in general (Sogyo, Software Factory)

  • Tijs van der Storm, Jurgen Vinju and Vadim Zaytsev presented at “IPA Spring Days” about domain specific languages and related topics to all Dutch PhD students in Computer Science.

  • Tijs van der Storm organized a Lisp course for Devnology

  • Tijs van der Storm presented at Optiver about Domain-Specific Languages