Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation


In 2012, the AtlanMod team has coorganized the following events:

  • J. Cabot has coorganized the OCL and Textual Modeling Workshop (OCL'12) (http://st.inf.tu-dresden.de/OCL2012/ ) co-located with the MoDELS conference.

  • J. Cabot has coorganized the CloudMDE workshop, the First International Workshop on Model-Driven Engineering on and for the Cloud, co-located with ECMFA 2012.

Steering Committees

Participation in Steering Committees of Research Conferences:

  • Jordi Cabot: International Conference on Model Transformation

Editorial Boards

Participation to editorial boards of scientific journals:

  • Jordi Cabot: Journal of Object Technology, International Journal of Information System Modeling and Design

Reviewing of International Journals

AtlanMod members have collaborated in the reviewing process for the following journals this year

  • Hugo Bruneliere: Elsevier Advances in Engineering Software (ADES)

  • Jordi Cabot: IEEE Software, IEEE Transactions on Software Engineering Journal, Journal of Systems and Software, Information and Software Technology Journal, Software and Systems Modeling Journal, Data and Knowledge Engineering Journal, Science of Computer Programming journal, Journal of Web Engineering journal

  • Javier Canovas: Software and Systems Modeling Journal.

  • Massimo Tisi: IEEE Software, Science of Computer Programming journal, Journal of Software: Practice and Experience, Information and Software Technology Journal, Software and Systems Modeling Journal, Journal of Object Technology.

Program Committee members

Participation to conference program committees:

  • Fabian Buettner:

    • International: Workshop on the Analysis of Model Transformations (AMT), Model-Driven Security Workshop (MDSec).

  • Jordi Cabot:

    • International: World Wide Web Conference, International Conference on Model-Driven Engineering Language and Systems, Software Language Engineering conference, European Conference on modeling foundations and applications, International Conference on Web Engineering, Transformation Tool Contest, International Conference on Conceptual Modeling, International Conference on Advanced Information Systems Engineering, eXtreme Modeling workshop, Model-Driven Engineering for High Performance and CLoud computing workshop, Model Driven Web Engineering Workshop.

    • National: French national conference on MDE, Spanish national conference on MDE.

  • Javier Canovas:

    • International: International Workshop on Modeling Social Media.

    • National: French national conference on MDE, Spanish national conference on MDE.

  • Massimo Tisi:

    • International: International Conference on Engineering of Complex Computer Systems, International Conference on Current Trends in Theory and Practice of Computer Science, International Conference on Software Engineering and Advanced Applications, International Conference on Web Information Systems and Technologies, International Conference on Model Transformation, Transformation Tool Contest, Workshop on Domain-Specific Modeling, Extreme Modeling Workshop, Academics Modelling with Eclipse Workshop.

Research Evaluation Committees

  • Jordi Cabot:Reviewer for Spanish CICYT Research Projects Call, Reviewer for the National Dutch Projects Call


The team got a price while participating in a hackathon organized as part of the SoTeSoLa 2012 Summer School. The objective was to perform useful reverse engineering tasks from a given base of legacy source code. The AtlanMod team (Hugo Bruneliere) and the Public Research Center Henri Tudor - Luxembourg (Jean-Sebastien Sottet, a former AtlanMod post-doc) worked together and proposed a model-based prototype using the MoDisco and ATL tools developed within the team. Javier Canovas got the best paper award in the National Spanish conference on MDE [32]