Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of the Year

  • A model was developed in order to determine how to mix resistant and sensitive plants to vector-borne plant pathogens in order to best protect the crop. The model includes a process that would allow for the resistance breakdown through adaptation of the virus population and the wintering of the virus in the environment. The best mixing rate was then proposed in order to either maximize the production over a 15 year period or prevent the resistance breakdown [16] . This work is done with Frédéric Fabre and Benoît Moury of INRA Avignon.

  • Green Stars, Institute of Excellence for Decarbonated Energy, was created this year, supported by a Projet d'Investissement d'Avenir funding. Recent Biocore developments in microalgae modeling strongly support the Green Stars Institute: including the temperature effect [14] , [28] , representing fast time scales of photosynthesis [37] , coupling with hydrodynamics [13] , representing N 2 fixation [89] , modeling metabolism of microalgae [67] , modeling anaerobic digestion of microalgae [20] , developing observers [21] [101] and optimal strategies to produce biomass [90] , [109] .

Best Paper Award :

[36] A simple model to control growth rate of synthetic E. coli during the exponential phase: model analysis and parameter estimation in 10th Conference on Computational Methods in Systems Biology.

A. Carta, M. Chaves, J.-L. Gouzé.