Section: New Results

Two-Scale Asymptotic-Preserving schemes

Participants : Nicolas Crouseilles, Emmanuel Frénod, Michaël Gutnic, Sever Hirstoaga.

In paper [20] , we build a Two-Scale Macro-Micro decomposition of the Vlasov equation with a strong magnetic field. This consists in writing the solution of this equation as a sum of two oscillating functions with circumscribed oscillations. The first of these functions has a shape which is close to the shape of the Two-Scale limit of the solution and the second one is a correction built to offset this imposed shape. The aim of such a decomposition is to be the starting point for the construction of Two-Scale Asymptotic-Preserving schemes.

During CEMRACS 2011, we have started the project to test on a simplified model the Two-Scale Asymptotic-Preserving Schemes. The model, a two dimensional in phase space Vlasov-Poisson equation with small parameter, is used for a long time simulation of a beam in a focusing channel. This work was already done in [68] in the case where the solution is approximated by the two scale limit. The first goal is to improve this approximation, by going further, to the first order one; this was done in [41] . The second goal is to replace this approximation by an exact decomposition, using the macro-micro framework. This last approach will permit to treat the case of a not necessary small parameter. In order to accomplish the first task we have writen a Particle-In-Cell code in SeLaLib.