Publications of the year

Doctoral Dissertations and Habilitation Theses

  • 1M. Twarogowska.

    Numerical approximation and analysis of mathematical models arising in cells movement, Univ. L'Aquila, Italy, 2012.

Articles in International Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • 2B. Andreianov, H. F. Bendahmane, S. Krell.

    On 3D DDFV discretization of gradient and divergence operators. I. Meshing, operators and discrete duality., in: IMA J. N. A., 2012, vol. 32, no 4, p. 1574–1603. [ DOI : 10.1093/imanum/drr046 ]

  • 3F. Berthelin, D. Broizat.

    A model for the evolution of traffic jams in multi-lane, in: Kinet. Relat. Models, 2012, vol. 5, no 4, p. 697–728.
  • 4C. Calgaro, E. Creusé, T. Goudon, Y. Penel.

    Positivity-preserving schemes for Euler equations: sharp and practical CFL conditions, in: J. Comput. Phys., 2013, To appear.
  • 5F. Clarelli, C. Di Russo, R. Natalini, M. Ribot.

    A fluid dynamics model of the growth of phototrophic biofilms, in: J. Math. Biol., 2013, To appear.
  • 6R. Eymard, C. Guichard, R. Herbin, R. Masson.

    Vertex Centred Discretization of Multiphase Compositional Darcy Flows on General Meshes, in: Computational Geosciences, 2012, vol. 16, no 4, p. 987–1005.

  • 7R. Eymard, C. Guichard, R. Herbin, R. Masson.

    Vertex Centred Discretization of Two Phase Flows on General Meshes, in: ESAIM Proceedings, 2012, vol. 35, p. 59–78.

  • 8R. Eymard, C. Guichard, R. Masson.

    Grid Orientation Effect in Coupled Finite Volume Schemes, in: IMA Journal of Numerical Analysis, 2012.

  • 9T. Goudon, J.-F. Coulombel, P. Lafitte, C. Lin.

    Analysis of large amplitude shock profiles for non-equilibrium radiative hydrodynamics: formation of Zeldovich spikes, in: Shock Waves, 2012, vol. 22, no 3.
  • 10T. Goudon, F. Lagoutière, L. M. Tiné.

    The Lifschitz-Slyozov equation with space-diffusion of monomers, in: AIMS–Kinetic and Related Models, 2012, vol. 5, no 2, p. 325–355.
  • 11T. Goudon, F. Lagoutière, L. M. Tiné.

    Simulations of the Lifshitz-Slyozov equations: the role of coagulation terms in the asymptotic behavior, in: Math. Models Methods Appl. Sc., 2013, To appear.
  • 12T. Goudon, M. Parisot.

    Finite volume schemes on unstructured grids for non-local models: Application to the simulation of heat transport in plasmas, in: J. Comput. Phys., 2012, vol. 231, no 24, p. 8188–8208.
  • 13T. Goudon, M. Sy, L. M. Tiné.

    A fluid–kinetic model for particulate flows with coagulation and breakup: stationary solutions, stability and hydrodynamic regimes, in: SIAM. J. Appl. Math., 2013, To appear.
  • 14S. Junca, B. Lombard.

    Interaction between periodic elastic waves and two contact nonlinearities, in: Math. Models Methods Appl. Sc., 2012, vol. 22, no 4.
  • 15S. Krell.

    Finite volume method for general multifluid flows governed by the interface Stokes problem, in: Mathematical Models and Methods in Applied Sciences, 2012, vol. 22, no 2, 1150025 p. [ DOI : 10.1142/S0218202511500254 ]

  • 16S. Krell, G. Manzini.

    The Discrete Duality Finite Volume method for the Stokes equation on 3D polyhedral meshes, in: SIAM Journal on Numerical Analysis, 2012, vol. 50, no 2, p. 808–837. [ DOI : 10.1137/110831593 ]

  • 17R. Natalini, M. Ribot.

    An asymptotic high order mass-preserving scheme for a hyperbolic model of chemotaxis, in: SIAM J. Num. Anal., 2012, vol. 50, no 2, p. 883–905.

Scientific Books (or Scientific Book chapters)

  • 18T. Goudon.

    Intégration : intégrale de Lebesgue et introduction à l'analyse fonctionnelle, Références Sciences, Ellipses, 2012.

Internal Reports

  • 19C. Bourdarias, M. Gisclon, S. Junca.

    Fractional BV spaces and applications to scalar conservation laws, Univ. Nice, 2012.
  • 20K. Brenner, R. Masson.

    Convergence of a Vertex Centred Discretization of Two-Phase flows on General Meshes, Univ. Nice, 2012.

  • 21G. Bretti, R. Natalini, M. Ribot.

    A hyperbolic model of chemotaxis on a network: a numerical study, Univ. Roma, 2012.

  • 22R. Eymard, P. Féron, T. Gallouet, R. Herbin, C. Guichard.

    Gradient schemes for the Stefan problem, Univ. Marne-La-Vallée, 2012.

  • 23R. Eymard, C. Guichard, R. Herbin, R. Masson.

    Gradient schemes for two-phase flow in heterogeneous porous media and Richards equation, Univ. Marne-La-Vallée, 2012.

  • 24M. J. Gander, F. Hubert, S. Krell.

    Optimized Schwarz algorithms in the framework of DDFV schemes, Univ. Aix-Marseille, 2012, submitted, Proceedings of 21st International Conference on Domain Decomposition Methods, Rennes, France.
  • 25A. Gloria, T. Goudon, S. Krell.

    Numerical homogenization of a nonlinearly coupled elliptic-parabolic system, reduced basis method, and application to nuclear waste storage, Inria, 2012.

  • 26P. Havé, R. Masson, F. Nataf, M. Szydlarski, T. Zhao.

    Algebraic Domain Decomposition Methods for Highly Heterogeneous Problems, Univ. Nice, 2012.

  • 27S. Junca, P. Castelli.

    Oscillating waves and optimal smoothing effect for one-dimensional nonlinear scalar conservation laws, Univ. Nice, 2012.
  • 28S. Junca.

    High frequency waves and the maximal smoothing effect for nonlinear scalar conservation laws, Univ. Nice, 2012, p. 1–28, hal-00576662, under revision.
  • 29S. Junca, B. Lombard.

    Stability of a critical nonlinear neutral delay differential equation, Univ. Nice, 2012, hal-00743970.
  • 30R. Natalini, M. Ribot, M. Twarogowska.

    A well-balanced numerical scheme for a one dimensional quasilinear hyperbolic model of chemotaxis, Univ. Roma, 2012.