DANTE - 2012



The Inria Team DANTE follows the Inria team DNET and the Inria project team RESO. DANTE was created in November 2012. The actual activity report will gather part of the DNET and RESO activities conducted by researchers now involved in DANTE.

The Inria team DANTE is located at the Computer Science Lab of ENS de Lyon (UMR CNRS - ENS Lyon - UCB Lyon 1 - Inria 5668) and hosted by IXXI (Rhône-Alpes Complex Systems Institute).

Creation of the Team: November 01, 2012

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Paulo Gonçalves [Junior Researcher Inria, RESO Team leader, HdR]

Faculty Members

Anthony Busson [Professor, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1 (arrived in September 2012), HdR]

Christophe Crespelle [Associate Professor, Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1]

Éric Fleury [Team leader, Professor, ENS de Lyon, HdR]

Émilie Diot [ATER, ENS de Lyon (01/09/2011 – 31/08/2012)]

Thomas Begin [Assistant Professor Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1]

Isabelle Guérin-Lassous [Professor Université Claude Bernard Lyon 1, HdR]


Sandrine Avakian [IE Inria, FLAB (16/03/2009 – 31/01/2013)]

Gaetan Harter [IE Inria, ANR SensLAB (01/09/2011 – 31/08/2012)]

Fabien Jammes [IC Inria, ADT SensAS (15/10/2010 – 15/10/2012)]

Nghi Nguyen [IE ENS de Lyon, Rescue since march 2012]

Matthieu Imbert [Research Engineer Inria – 40%]

PhD Students

Andreea Chis [Inria, 1/10/2007 – 31/01/2012]

Qinna Wang [ENS de Lyon, 1/10/2008 – 31/03/2012]

Adrien Friggeri [ENS de Lyon, 1/10/2009 – 30/09/2012]

Lucie Martinet [ENS de Lyon, 1/09/2011]

Benjamin Girault [ENS de Lyon, 1/09/2012]

Thiago Abreu [ENS de Lyon RESCUE, Mar. 2011/Mar. 2014]

Shubhabrata Roy [Inria SAIL, Dec. 2010/Nov. 2013]

Van Dan Nguyen [(co-advisement with IFI), AUF fellowship - 2010/2012]

Doreid Ammar [Inria , Bell Labs, 2009/2012]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Mohamad Jaber [Post-doc RESO, Inria, Bell Labs, until Oct. 2012]

Anne-Cécile Orgerie [Post-doc RESO, ENS Lyon, Petaflow until Sept. 2012]

Ashley Chonka [Post-doc RESO, ENS Lyon, Petaflow until April. 2012]

Administrative Assistants

Sèverine Morin [until 15/10/2012]

Laetitia Lecot [Inria]