Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

FP7 Projects


Participants : César Viho, Nanxing Chen, Arulnambi Nandagoban, Anthony Baire.

PROBE-IT is a two years European project that aims at supporting exploitation of European research advances in IoT deployments. The work plan is split in three main areas : benchmarking, roadmap and interoperability testing. PROBE-IT comprises ten international partners from Europe, China, Brazil and Africa. Dionysos is leader of the work-package WP4 dedicated to testing roadmap and solutions to provide stakeholders with elements to validate technologies conformance and interoperability. See http://www.probe-it.eu .

Collaborations in European Programs, except FP7

NoE EuroNF

Participants : Gerardo Rubino, Bruno Tuffin.

EuroNF Euro-NF is a Network of Excellence on the Network of the Future, formed by 35 institutions (from the academia and industry) from 16 countries. Its main target is to integrate the research effort of the partners to be a source of innovation and a think tank on possible scientific, technological and socio-economic trajectories towards the network of the future. It has started in January 2008 and is ended in June 2012 (see http://euronf.enst.fr/en_accueil.html ) .

Bruno Tuffin is the Inria team leader in this project.

The group is contributing to the following working packages (Joint Research Activities):

  • WP.JRA.2.2: Traffic Engineering, Mechanisms and Protocols for Controlled Bandwidth Sharing;

  • WP.JRA.2.4: Routing and Traffic Management in a Multi-Provider Context;

  • WP.JRA.2.5: Design of Optimal Highly Dependable Networks;

  • WP.JRA.3.2: SLAs, Pricing, Quality of Experience;

  • WP.JRA.3.3: Cost Models.

INNIS project

Participant : Bruno Tuffin.

  • Program: Euro-NF NoE

  • Project acronym: INNIS

  • Project title: Impacts of Network Neutrality on the Internet Stakeholders

  • Duration: November 2011 – June 2012

  • Coordinator: Bruno Tuffin, Dionysos

  • Other partners: TELECOM Bretagne, the polytechnic University of Valencia (Spain), the University of Rome 2, and the Italian Data Protection Authority

Collaborations with Major European Organizations

  • Partner 1: FTW, Vienna (Austria)

  • We work with FTW on network economics.

  • Partner 1: Vrije University (The Netherlands)

  • We work with Vrije University on rare event simulation.