Creation of the Team: November 01, 2009 , Updated into Project-Team: January 01, 2011

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Hussein Yahia [Team leader, Researcher (CR) Inria, HdR]

Khalid Daoudi [Researcher (CR) Inria]

Oriol Pont [Researcher (Starting Grant Position) Inria]

Véronique Garçon [External Collaborator, Team leader, Research Director (DR) DYNBIO Team, CNRS, HdR]


Denis Arrivault [Confirmed Engineer, ADT FluidExponents]

Joel Sudre [External Collaborator, Engineer, DYNBIO Team, CNRS]

PhD Students

Hicham Badri [CORDIS Grant, PhD in cosupervision with Rabat University, since December 2012]

Vahid Khanagha [CORDIS Grant, since November 2009]

Suman-Kumar Maji [CORDIS Grant and Aquitaine Region funding, since November 2010]

Ayoub Tamim [PhD student in cosupervision, PHC Volubilis France-Morocco]

Reda Jourani [IMAGEEN Grant]

Post-Doctoral Fellow

Binbin Xu [PostDoctoral Position funded by Conseil Regional Aquitaine and IHU LIRYC]

Administrative Assistant

Josy Baron [Secretary (SAR) Inria]