Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

European Initiatives

Collaborations in European Programs, except FP7

  • Program: ITEA2

  • Project acronym: MANY

  • Project title: Many-core programming and Resource Management for High-Performance Embedded Systems

  • Duration: 01/09/2011 - 31/08/2014

  • Coordinator: XDIN AB (formerly ENEA)

  • Other partners: Universitat Autònoma de Barcelona (UAB), CEPHIS group (Spain), CAPS-Entreprise, (France), Inria, Grand Large (France), Institut Mines-Télécom/Télécom Sud Paris (IMT/TSP), Computer Science Department (France), THALES Communications & Security, (France), XDIN AB, (Sweden), ETRI, (Korea), Seven Core Co, Ltd, (Korea), TestMidas Co, Ltd, (Korea), ST-Ericsson BV, (Netherlands), Vector Fabrics BV, (Netherlands), Technische Universiteit Eindhoven, (Netherlands), University of Mons (UMONS), POLE-TI (Belgium)

  • Abstract: The ability to reuse existing software code has grown in importance as software applications become more complex. With the arrival of many-core semiconductor architectures, application developers face an additional problem: how to rewrite software applications to exploit the increased parallel processing available. The MANY project is developing an improved programming environment for the embedded-systems realm; one which will facilitate faster development of applications for a variety of hardware platforms. (Cédric Bastoul, Léna”ic Bagnères, Taj Khan)