Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


The next table details the number of lecture hours as well as the number of module responsibilities for each team member.

Table 1.
NamePosition2011/12Cursus (*)Module Resp.
(per year)
J.-F. BagetResearch Scientist40M (UM2)1
M. CroitoruAssistant Prof.96L (IUT) and M2
M. CheinEmeritus Prof.0
J. FortinAssistant Prof192Polytech2
S. KaciProfessor198L and M(UM2)3
M. LeclèreAssistant Prof.96L and M (UM2)1
M. -L. MugnierProfessor192L and M (UM2)4
R. ThomopoulosResearch Scientist0no
L. GuizolPhD64Lno
M. KönigPhD64Lno
B. Paiva LimaPhD64L (UM2)no
M. ThomazoPhD64L and M1 (UM2)no

(*) L =Licence, M = Master (M1 = first year, M2 = second year), UM2 = Univ. Montpellier 2 (Sciences), IUT = Institute of Technology of UM2 (Licence Cursus), Polytech = Engineering School of UM2, UM3 = Univ. Montpellier 3 (Art and Humanities)

Globally, the team ensures the courses in logics (propositional logic and first-order logic in L, logics for Artificial Intelligence in M2) at the Montpellier 2 University, as well as the Master courses in Artificial Intelligence, Decision Support, Knowledge Representation and Knowledge Engineering. We are also responsible of modules in Web Technologies (Professional L at IUT) and Databases (L). Michel Leclère, on sabbatical leave since Feb. 2012, and Madalina Croitoru, on Inria delegation, ensured each a half-service.

We have some specific responsibilities in the Computer Science Master:

  • Michel Leclère is co-responsible of the master speciality DECOL (about 20 students) started in September 2011.

  • Marie-Laure Mugnier is co-responsible of the Computer Science Master started in September 2011 (about 240 students), which gathers six specialties.



No PhD was defended in 2012.

  • PhD in progress : Michaël Thomazo, Querying knowledge bases: decidability, complexity and algorithms, Sept. 2010, Marie-Laure Mugnier and Jean-François Baget

  • PhD in progress : Bruno Paiva Lima da Silva, Comparing Storage Systems for Large knowledge bases, Oct. 2010, Jean-François Baget and Madalina Croitoru

  • PhD in progress : Tjitze Rienstra, Dynamic argumentation systems, Oct. 2010, Souhila Kaci and Leon van der Torre (University of Luxembourg)

  • PhD in progress : Mélanie König, Algorithms for querying large knowledge bases, Oct. 2011, Michel Leclère and Marie-Laure Mugnier

  • PhD in progress : Léa Guizol, Entity identification in metadata bases, Oct. 2011, Michel Leclère and Madalina Croitoru

  • PhD in Progress: Akila Ghersedine, Creating and enriching lists of authorities from heterogeneous resources, Apr. 2012, Michel Leclère and Marie-Laure Mugnier

  • Joris Lamare (ENS Cachan, 6 weeks)

  • Swan Rocher (Master 1 UM2, 2 months + 3 months TER)

  • Clément Sipieter (Master 1 UM2, 2 months)

  • Patricio Mosse (Master 2, 6 months)

  • Awa Diattara (Master 2, 6 months)


  • Patrice Buche

    • Reviewer (PhD): Interrogation personnalisée des systèmes d'information dédiés au transport : une approche bipolaire floue, Nouredine Tamani, IRISA, ENSSAT Lannion, April 2012

    • Reviewer (PhD): Approches hybrides pour la recherche sémantique de l'information : Intǵration des bases de connaissances et des ressources semi-structurées. Yassine Mrabet, University of Paris-Sud, July 2012

  • Madalina Croitoru

    • Reviewer (PhD): Decision Support Systems for Brain Tumor Diagnosis: Classification and Evaluation Approaches, Javier Vicente Robledo, University of Valencia, October 2012

  • Marie-Laure Mugnier

    • President of jury (PhD): Structuration de débats en ligne à l'aide d'annotations socio-sémantiques, Antoine Seilles, University of Montpellier 2, April 2012

    • Reviewer (PhD): Extraction de motifs de graphes pour caractériser des sources de données RDF, Adrien Basse, University of Nice, December 2012

    • President of jury (PhD): Enhancing Ontology Matching by Using Machine Learning, Graph Matching and Information Retrieval Techniques, DuyHoa Ngo, University of Montpellier 2, December 2012.

    • Jury member(PhD): Static analysis of semantic web queries, Melisachew Wudage Chekol, University of Grenoble, December 2012.

  • Michel Chein

    • Jury Member (HDR): Knowledge Representation meets DataBases for the sake of ontology-based data management, François Goasdoué, University Paris-Sud, June 2012.