Section: Software


Participants : Alain Gutierrez, Michel Leclère, Marie-Laure Mugnier, Michel Chein, Madalina Croitoru.

Cogui (http://www.lirmm.fr/cogui ) is a tool for building and verifying knowledge bases. It is a freeware written in Java (version 1.2, 2005–2010 GPL Licence). Currently, it supports Conceptual Graphs and import/export in RDFS.

Here are the major evolutions of the version delivered this year:

  • Cogui now allows import/export in the Datalog+/- language thanks to a new Datalog+/- parser (see Sect.  5.4 ).

  • Scripted rules were introduced. It is a new type of object that allows users to attach a script to a traditional rule in order to modify or control its behavior.

  • A new interface ensures connectivity to a NoSQLdatabase (MongoDB).

  • Large graphs can now be stored. In a near future, we will be able to perform queries on data too big to fit in central memory (see Sect.  5.2 ).