The KerData project-team is associated with the IRISA CNRS joint laboratory, University Rennes 1, INSA Rennes and ENS Cachan/Rennes.

Creation of the Project-Team: July 01, 2012

Section: Members

Research Scientist

Gabriel Antoniu [Team leader, Senior Researcher (DR2) Inria., HdR]

Faculty Members

Luc Bougé [Professor, ENS Cachan/Rennes., HdR]

Alexandru Costan [Associate Professor, INSA Rennes, since September 1, 2012. Before this date, he was an Inria Post-Doctoral Fellow until August 31, 2012, supported by the MapReduce ANR project.]


Zhe Li [Research Engineer, fixed-term contract, funded through the BlobSeer Technology Development Action (ADT) since November 2012.]

PhD Students

Viet-Trung Tran [MESR Grant until September 2012, and the ACET Inria. PhD to be defended on January 21, 2013. PhD thesis started in October 2009.]

Houssem-Eddine Chihoub [SCALUS FP7 Marie-Curie Initial Training Network Grant. PhD thesis started in October 2010.]

Radu Tudoran [MESR Grant from University Rennes 1. PhD thesis started in October 2011]

Matthieu Dorier [MESR Grant from ENS Cachan. PhD thesis started in October 2011]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Louis-Claude Canon [Post-Doctoral Fellow, funded by the Microsoft Research-Inria A-Brain project since October 2011.]

Shadi Ibrahim [Inria Post-Doctoral Fellow, since November 2012. Before this date, he was supported by the Hemera Large Wingspan Project since October 2011.]

Visiting Scientists

Bunjamin Memishi

Elena Apostol

Bharath Vissapragada

Administrative Assistants

Céline Gharsalli [Team Administrative Assistant, CNRS, until September 2012.]

Élodie Lequoc [Team Administrative Assistant, University Rennes 1, since September 2012.]