Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Initiatives

Inria International Partners

  • University of Hawaii, Department of Mathematics (U. S. A.)

  • There is a lon term collaboration on optimal control and control of quantum systems, see mostly section  6.1.1 . Besides, Gautier Picot, a former Phd student from Dijon has a temporary position at the Math Department and collaborates with M. Chyba and G. Patterson (second Phd student from M. Chyba) in relation with the Laboratoire d'Astronomie de Paris, to apply the Hampath code to make rendez-vous with quasi-asteroids entering in the solar system near the L1-Lagrange point, in the continuation of the work developed by G. Picot and B. Daoud. This collaboration is very active and has to be emphasized.

  • University of Toronto, Department of Mathematics (Canada)

  • Optimal Transport. Alice Erlinger's PhD is co-supervised by Ludovic Rifford and John Mc Cann from University of Toronto. See section 6.4 .