The project team is located at the LSV, a joint Inria-CNRS-ENSC lab at ENS Cachan.

Creation of the Team: March 01, 2009 , Updated into Project-Team: January 01, 2011

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Benedikt Bollig [Research Associate (CR) CNRS]

Stefan Haar [Team leader, Research Director (DR) Inria, HdR]

Faculty Members

Thomas Chatain [Maître de Conférence ENS Cachan, currently in delegation at Inria]

Paul Gastin [Professor ENS Cachan, HdR]

Serge Haddad [Professor ENS Cachan, HdR]

Stefan Schwoon [Maître de Conférence ENS Cachan, Chaire Inria]

PhD Students

Sandie Balaguer [until November 30th; defense on December 13, 2012]

Benoît Barbot [since September 2011]

Aiswarya Cyriac [since September 2010]

Hilal Djafri [since October 2008, successfully defended on June 19, 2012]

Benjamin Monmege [since September 2010]

Hernán Ponce de Léon [since September 2011]

César Rodríguez [since September 2010]

Administrative Assistants

Claire Le Thomas [Secretary (SAR) Inria, until August 2012]

Thida Iem [Secretary (SAR) Inria, since November 2012]