Section: Software


Participants : Pierre Neyron [correspondant MOAIS] , Grégory Mounié.

  • Characterization of Software : A-5 / SO-3 / SM-4 / EM-4 / SDL-5

  • Own Contribution: DA-3 / CD-2 / MS-1 / TPM-1

  • Additional information: OAR (http://oar.imag.fr , Coordinator O. Richard, Inria MESCAL) is a batch scheduler. The MOAIS team develops the central automata and the scheduling module that includes successive evolutions and improvements of the policy.OAR is used to schedule jobs both on the CiGri (Grenoble region) and Grid50000 (France) grids. CiGri is a production grid that federates about 500 heterogeneous resources of various Grenoble laboratories to perform computations in physics. MOAIS has also developed the distributed authentication for access to Grid5000.