Section: Application Domains

Embedded Systems

Participants : Jean-Louis Roch, Guillaume Huard, Denis Trystram, Vincent Danjean.

To improve the performance of current embedded systems, Multiprocessor System-on-Chip (MPSoC) offers many advantages, especially in terms of flexibility and low cost. Multimedia applications, such as video encoding, require more and more intensive computations. The system should be able to exploit the resources as much as possible to save power and time. This challenge may be addressed by parallel computing coupled with performant scheduling. On-going work focuses on developing the scheduling and monitoring technologies developed in MOAIS for embedded systems.

In the framework of our cooperation with STM (Miguel Santana) and within the SocTrace project, we are developping tools to manage distributed large scale traces. We especially focus on visualization, developping visual aggregation techniques (Phd Damien Dosimont, started in 2/2012 advised by Guillaume Huard in collaboration with Jean-Marc Vincent).