Section: Software


Participants : Thierry Gautier [correspondant] , Vincent Danjean, François Broquedis, Pierre Neyron.

Kaapi (http://kaapi.gforge.inria.fr , coordinator T. Gautier) Kaapi is a middleware for high performance applications running on multi-cores/multi- processors as well as cluster or computational grid. Kaapi provides 1/ a very high level API based on macro data flow language; 2/ several scheduling algorithms for multi-threaded computations as well as for iterative applications for numerical sim- ulation on multi-CPUs / multi-GPUs; 3/ fault-tolerant protocols. Publicly available at http://kaapi.gforge.inria.fr under CeCILL licence. Kaapi has won the 2008 Plugtest organized by Grid@Works. Kaapi provides ABI compliant implementa- tions of Quark (PLASMA, Linear Algebra, Univ. of Tennesse) and libGOMP (GCC runtime for OpenMP). Direct competitors with 1/: Quark, StarSs (UPC, BSC), OpenMP. Direct competitors with 2/: StarSs, StarPU (Inria RUNTIME), Quark, OpenACC runtimes. Direct competitors providing 3/: Charm++, MPI.

  • ACM: D.1.3

  • License: CeCILL

  • OS/Middelware: Unix (Linux, MacOSX, ...)

  • Programming language: C/C++, Fortran

  • Characterization of Software : A-3 / SO-4 / SM-3 / EM-3 / SDL-4

  • Own Contribution: DA-4 / CD-4 / MS-4 / TPM-4