Section: Software


Participant : Bruno Raffin [correspondant MOAIS] .

  • Characterization of Software : A-3 / SO-4 / SM-3 / EM-3 / SDL-4

  • Own Contribution: DA-4 / CD-3 / MS-3 / TPM-4

  • Additional information: FlowVR (http://flowvr.sf.net , coordinator B. Raffin) provides users with the necessary tools to develop and run high performance interactive applications on PC clusters and Grids. The main target applications include virtual reality, scientific visualization and Web3D. FlowVR enforces a modular programming that leverages software engineering issues while enabling high performance executions on distribued and parallel architectures. FlowVR is the reference API for Grimage. See also the web page http://flowvr.sf.net . The FlowVR software suite has 3 main components:

    • FlowVR : The core middleware library. FlowVR relies on the data-flow oriented programming approach that has been successfully used by other scientific visualization tools.

    • FlowVR Render : A parallel rendering library.

    • VTK FlowVR : a VTK / FlowVR / FlowVR Render coupling library.