Creation of the Team: January 01, 2010 , Updated into Project-Team: January 01, 2012

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Yvon Jégou [Research Associate (CR), Inria ]

Christine Morin [Research Director (DR), Inria , Team leader, HdR]

Anne-Cécile Orgerie [Research Associate (CR), CNRS , since October 2012]

Thierry Priol [Research Director (DR), Inria , collaborator, HdR]

Faculty Members

Jean-Pierre Banâtre [Professor Emeritus, University Rennes 1 , since November 2012, HdR]

Nikos Parlavantzas [Assistant Professor, Insa ]

Jean-Louis Pazat [Professor, Insa , HdR]

Guillaume Pierre [Professor, University Rennes 1 , since November 2012]

Cédric Tedeschi [Assistant Professor, University Rennes 1 ]


Amine Belhaj [Inria Associate Engineer (IA), ADT XtreemOS Easy, until October 2012]

Alexandra Carpen-Amarie [Inria Engineer, EIT ICT Lab activity, since March 2012]

Roberto-Gioacchino Cascella [Inria Engineer, Contrail European project]

Ghislain Charrier [Inria Associate Engineer (IA), ADT Aladdin, until November 2012]

Florian Dudouet [Inria Engineer, Contrail European project]

Maxence Dunnewind [Inria Engineer BonFire IP Project]

Rémy Garrigue [Inria Associate Engineer (IA), ADT XtreemOS Easy, until October 2012]

Filippo Gaudenzi [Inria Engineer, Contrail European project, since May 2012]

Piyush Harsh [Inria Engineer, Contrail European project]

Ancuta Iordache [Inria Engineer, EIT ICT Labs RMAC activity, since February 2012]

Sajith Kalathingal [Inria Engineer, fixed term contract, Cloud ANR project, until September 2012]

Nicolas Lebreton [Inria Engineer, fixed term contract, 50% Bonfire, 50% Fed4FIRE, since December 2012]

David Margery [Inria Research Engineer (IR, ADT Aladdin technical director)]

Pascal Morillon [University Rennes 1 Engineer (IE, ADT Aladdin)]

Eric Poupart [Inria Engineer, fixed term contract, BonFIRE European Project, since April 2012]

Yann Radenac [Inria Engineer, COOP ANR project]

Cyril Rohr [Inria Engineer BonFire IP Project, until March 2012]

Matthieu Simonin [Inria Research Engineer (IR, ADT Snooze), since October 2012]

PhD Students

Stefania Costache [CIFRE EDF Grant]

Erwan Daubert [Inria Grant]

Djawida Dib [Inria and Brittany Regional Council Grant]

Eugen Feller [Inria Grant]

Héctor Fernández [Inria Grant, until July 2012]

Guillaume Gauvrit [MENRT Grant until August 2012]

André Lage [Inria Grant until April 2012]

Marko Obrovac [Inria and Brittany Regional Council Grant]

Chen Wang [Inria Grant]

Administrative Assistants

Maryse Fouché [Team administrative assistant (TR) Inria ]

Katarzyna Kucharczyk [Inria Contrail Scientific Coordinator Assistant, until June 2012]

Anne Pasteur [Inria Contrail Scientific Coordinator Assistant, part time 50%, since June 2012]