Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

Regional Initiatives

HOCL4WS (2010-2012)

Participants : Thierry Priol, Cédric Tedeschi, Marko Obrovac.

The objective of the HOCL4WS project is to develop a prototype of a middleware system for the distributed execution of chemical programs (targeted for large scale platforms). It partially funds Marko Obrovac's PhD grant.

ASYST (2010-2013)

Participants : Djawida Dib, Christine Morin, Nikos Parlavantzas.

The objective of the ASYST project (Adaptation dynamique des fonctionnalités d'un SYSTème d'exploitation large échelle) funded by the Brittany council is to provide the view of an Operating System as an "Infrastructure as a Service" (IaaS) and even more as a set of adaptable services. The main functionalities of an Operating System such as memory allocation or job scheduling have to be dynamically adapted to cope with the ever changing environment. This project funds 50% of a PhD grant (Djawida Dib).

In 2012, we have worked on the design and implementation of a PaaS framework for scaling up and down virtual clusters under SLA constraints (price and completion time).