Section: Software


Participants : C. Canudas de Wit [contact person] , I. Bellicot [contact person] , L. Leon Ojeda, D. Pisarski.

The team has created a software demonstrator to have a showcase including cutting-edge model developments. This software is a global services platform for end-user traffic use, providing accurate density calculation on traffic color vision, and integration of estimator and prediction motor for travel-time calculation. GTL (Grenoble Traffic Lab) is a real-time traffic data center platform intended to collect traffic road infrastructure information in real-time with minimum latency and fast sampling periods. The main elements of the GTL are: a real-time database, a show room, and a suit of traffic forecasting software. Sensed informations come from a dense wireless sensor network providing macroscopic traffic signals such as flows, velocities, densities, and magnetic signatures. This sensor network was set in place in collaboration with Inria spin-off Karrus-ITS, local traffic authorities (DIR-CE, CG38, La Metro), and specialized traffic research centers.

Figure 5. The GTL Macro-simulator.