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Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives


ANR WMC project (program “jeunes chercheuses, jeunes chercheurs”), 2012–2016, 200 Keuros. F. Zappa Nardelli is the main investigator.

ANR Boole project (program “action blanche”), 2009-2014.

ANR Partout (program “defis”), 2009-2012.

ANR CAFEIN, 2013-2015.

Action d'envergure Synchronics, 2008-2012. The action was driven by Alain Girault (Inria, PopArt, Grenoble) and Marc Pouzet (Inria, Parkas, Paris-Rocquencourt), to focus on “langages for embedded systems”. This has been instrumental in driving our new research on hybrid system modelers.

Competitivity Clusters

FUI project OpenGPU, 2008–2012.