Creation of the Project-Team: July 01, 2007

Section: Members

Research Scientists

Pierre-Alexandre Bliman [Senior Researcher Inria (DR), HdR]

Frédérique Clément [Senior Researcher Inria (DR), HdR]

Mathieu Desroches [Junior Researcher Inria (CR)]

Jacques Henry [Senior Researcher Inria (DR Emeritus), HdR]

Maciej Krupa [Advanced Research Position]

Claire Médigue [Research Engineer (IR), Inria]

Mazyar Mirrahimi [Senior Researcher Inria (DR), HdR]

Michel Sorine [Senior Researcher Inria (DR), Team Leader, HdR]

Serge Steer [Senior Researcher Inria (DR)]

Qinghua Zhang [Senior Researcher Inria (DR), HdR]

External Collaborators

Julien Barral [Professor, Paris 13 University (LAGA), HdR]

Jean-Pierre Françoise [Professor, Paris 6 University, HdR]

Pierre Rouchon [Professor, Ecole des Mines de Paris, Systems and Control Centre, HdR]

Alexandre Vidal [Associate Professor, Université Évry-Val-d'Essonne, on half-time delegation since September 2012]


Arnaud Ferré [Associate Engineer, Inria, January-August 2012]

Habib Jreige [Senior Engineer, Inria, from November 2012]

Vincent Ladevèze [Senior Engineer seconded from the Experimentation and Development Department (SED)]

Abdouramane Moussa Ali [Associate Engineer, Inria, from June 2011]

Mouhamadoul-Bachir Syll [Associate Engineer, Inria, from August 2012]

PhD Students

Hadis Amini [Ecole polytechnique fellowship, École des Mines de Paris, until September 2012]

Benjamin Aymard [UPMC fellowship, UPMC University (Paris), from October 2011]

Najmeddine Attia [Inria fellowship, Paris 13 University, until October 2012]

Julien Bernard [Cifre CARMAT SAS, Paris 11 University, from October 2010]

Leila Djaziri [Inria fellowship, Paris 11 University (Orsay), from October 2009]

Alexandre Guerrini [Cifre LK2, Paris 11 University (Orsay), part-time since October 2008]

Zaki Leghtas [Inria fellowship, École des Mines de Paris, until September 2012]

David Marie-Luce [Cifre Renault, Paris 11 University (Orsay), from November 2009]

Mohamed Oumri [Inria fellowship, Paris 11 University (Orsay), from October 2009]

Mohamad Safa [Paris 11 University (Orsay), until October 2012]

Peipei Shang [Inria fellowship, UPMC University (Paris), until August 2012]

Quang Ahn Tran [Inria fellowship, UVSQ University (Versailles), from january 2012]

Post-Doctoral Fellows

Alberto Granados Corsellas [from November 2012]

Boyi Ni [from August 2012]

Administrative Assistant

Martine Verneuille [Secretary (AI), Inria]