Section: Bilateral Contracts and Grants with Industry

Renault contract: Modeling, Control, Monitoring and Diagnosis of Depollution Systems

Participants : Pierre-Alexandre Bliman, David Marie-Luce, Michel Sorine.

This work is done in cooperation with Renault in the framework of a CIFRE contract. The issue of depollution has become a central preoccupation for the automotive industry, and the increased severity of the emission norms necessitates tight modeling and control solutions. We have worked on simple models for two devices, namely the NOx-trap and the SCR (Selective catalytic reduction). Observers have been obtained and tested against real-world data. See [16] .

Based on the later, a control law has been obtained this year, for the control of the NOx-trap. This control law is defined by setting thresholds for the estimated NOx coverage fraction, to switch between storage mode and purge mode. These thresholds are optimal in stationary conditions, in the sense that they minimize the gas consumption under given pollutant emission constraint. Adequate moving window is fitted to define the switching values in non-stationary conditions. The algorithm has led to successful numerical tests.