Section: Software

The Pff library

Participant : Sylvie Boldo [contact] .

Keywords: Interactive theorem proving, floating-point arithmetic. Criteria for Software Self-Assessment: A-2, SO-3, SM-3, EM-3, SDL-5, OC-4.

The Pff library for the Coq proof assistant is a formalization of floating-point arithmetic with high-level definitions and high-level properties  [58] .

It is distributed as open source, under a LGPL license, at http://lipforge.ens-lyon.fr/www/pff/ , and is packaged in Debian and Ubuntu as “coq-float”.

It was initiated by M. Daumas, L. Rideau and L. Théry in 2001, and then developed and maintained by S. Boldo since 2004. It is now only maintained by S. Boldo. The development has ended as this library is now subsumed by the Flocq library (see below).