Section: Software


Participant : Arthur Charguéraud [contact] .

Keywords: Program verification, Interactive theorem proving, OCaml

Criteria for Software Self-Assessment: A-2, SO-4, SM-2, EM-3, SDL-1, OC-4. The CFML tool supports the verification of OCaml programs through interactive Coq proofs. The tool is made of two parts: on the one hand, a characteristic formula generator implemented as a OCaml program that parses OCaml code and produces Coq formulae; and, on the other hand, a Coq library that provides notation and tactics for manipulating characteristic formulae interactively in Coq.

CFML is distributed under the LGPL license, and is available at http://arthur.chargueraud.org/softs/cfml/ . The tool has been initially developed by A. Charguéraud in 2010, and has been maintained and improved since by the author.