Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of the Year

First, Quentin Lampin, Orange Labs PhD student, co-supervised by Isabelle Augé-Blum and Fabrice Valois in the settings of a bilateral contract with Orange Labs (Dominique Barthel) and contributing for Orange Labs to the ANR ARESA2 project, has been hired by Orange Labs on a permanent researcher position in december 2012.

In september 2012, Razvan Stanica has been hired Associate Professor at INSA Lyon and joined the Urbanet team. He did his PhD thesis at IRIT, Toulouse, supervised by André-Luc Beylot. Khaled Boussetta has also been awarded an Inria "delegation" temporary position and joined the Urbanet team. His permanent Associate Professor position is within University of Paris XIII.

An ARC 7 regional grant has been awarded to the team for hiring a PhD student (namely Trista Lin) and collaborating with the "Agence d'Urbanisme de Lyon" on mobility measurement and service cartography. This research is focusing on networking and software issues of smart parking applications.

Within the second phase of the Inria/Alcatel-Lucent lab, an ADR has been created on green networking issue and granted one postdoc and one PhD positions. The PhD position is dedicated to the topic we are in charge within the ADR: dynamic switch on/off mechanisms for micro-cellular network leveraging wireless sensor techniques.