Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

International Research Visitors

Visits of International Scientists

  • Delia Ciullo (04/2012)

    • Subject: Sleep Mode Effectiveness in Cellular Networks

    • Institution: Politecnico di Torino (Italy)

  • Catherine Rosenberg (06/2012)

    • Subject: Resource Allocation, Transmission Coordination and User Association in Heterogeneous Cellular Networks

    • Institution: University of Waterloo (Canada)

  • Prasan Kumar Sahoo (11/2012)

    • Subject: Wireless Sensor Networks: Applications and Research Issues

    • Institution: University Chang Gung (Taiwan)

Visits to International Teams

  • Marco Fiore visited with monthly frequency the Telecommunication Networks Group of the Politecnico di Torino, Italy. The cooperation focused on the topics of content download in vehicular environments and mobile user position verification.

  • Marco Fiore visited the Hamilton Institute, Ireland, on October 2012. He gave an invited talk and discussed possible cooperation between UrbaNet and the Hamilton Institute.

  • In last August, in the frame of the "Saisons Croisées France-Afrique du Sud", with the collaboration of the French Foreign Office and with the support of the Inria foreign office, Fabrice Valois participated to a common workshop on the use of wireless sensor networks for South-African applications. This workshop was held in Stellenbosch University, and was organized jointly by the communications group of Stellenboch University and the Inria project FUN (Dr. Nathalie Mitton). In this context, Fabrice Valois gave lectures and participated to a tutorial on Senslab. In September, a project proposal was submitted with these collaborators. Last November, a new research meeting was held in Inria Lille, hosted by the FUN team.

  • In November, Hervé Rivano, Fabrice Valois, Razvan Stanica and Quentin Lampin participated to the Wireless Days conference in Dublin, Ireland. As Dublin academic institutions are very active in the area of urban networking and applications, we extended our stay and met with research teams from the Hamilton Institute and Dublin City University, as well as with French Embassy staff, to discuss possible collaborative activities.