Section: New Results


Computational Biology, Biomedicine.


Participant : Frédéric Cazals.

Edited in collaboration with P. Kornprobst, from the Neuromathcomp project-team.

Biology and biomedicine currently undergo spectacular progresses due to a synergy between technological advances and inputs from physics, chemistry, mathematics, statistics and computer science. The goal of the book [15] is to evidence this synergy, by describing selected developments in the following fields: bioinformatics, biomedicine, neuroscience.

This book is unique in two respects. First, by the variety and scales of systems studied. Second, by its presentation, as each chapter presents the biological or medical context, follows up with mathematical or algorithmic developments triggered by a specific problem, and concludes with one or two success stories, namely new insights gained thanks to these methodological developments. It also highlights some unsolved and outstanding theoretical questions, with potentially high impact on these disciplines.

Two communities will be particularly interested. The first one is the vast community of applied mathematicians and computer scientists, whose interests should be captured by the added value generated by the application of advanced concepts and algorithms to challenging biological or medical problems. The second is the equally vast community of biologists. Whether scientists or engineers, they will find in this book a clear and self-contained account of concepts and techniques from mathematics and computer science, together with success stories on their favorite systems. The variety of systems described will act as an eye opener on a panoply of complementary conceptual tools. Practically, the resources listed at the end of each chapter (databases, software) will prove invaluable to get started on a specific topic.