Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

National Initiatives

Projets Exploratoires Pluridisciplinaires from CNRS/Inria/INSERM

  • Title: Modeling Large Protein Assemblies with Toleranced Models

  • Type: Projet Exploratoire Pluri-disciplinaire (PEPS) CNRS / Inria / INSERM

  • Duration: two years

  • Coordinator: F. Cazals (Inria, ABS)

  • Others partners: V.Doye (Inst. Jacques Monod)

  • Abstract: Reconstruction by Data Integration (RDI) is an emerging paradigm to reconstruct large protein assemblies, as discussed in section 5.1.3 .

    Elaborating on our Toleranced Models framework, a geometric framework aiming at inherently accommodating uncertainties on the shapes and positions of proteins within large assemblies, we ambition within the scope of the two year long PEPS project entitled Modeling Large Protein Assemblies with Toleranced Models to (i) design TOM compatible with the flexibility of proteins, (ii) develop graph-based analysis of TOM, and (iii) perform experimental validations on the NPC.