Section: Partnerships and Cooperations

List of international and industrial partners

  • Collaboration under contract with Thales Alenia Space (Toulouse, Cannes, and Paris), CNES (Toulouse), XLIM (Limoges), University of Bilbao (Universidad del País Vasco / Euskal Herriko Unibertsitatea, Spain).

  • Regular contacts with research groups at UST (Villeneuve d'Asq), Universities of Bordeaux-I (Talence), Orléans (MAPMO), Aix-Marseille (CMI-LATP), Nice Sophia Antipolis (Lab. JAD), Grenoble (IJF and LJK), Paris 6 (P. et M. Curie, Lab. JLL), Paris Diderot (LAREG-IGN), CWI (the Netherlands), MIT (Boston, USA), Vanderbilt University (Nashville USA), Steklov Institute (Moscow), Michigan State University (East-Lansing, USA), Texas A&M University (College Station USA), State University of New-York (Albany, USA), University of Oregon (Eugene, USA), Politecnico di Milano (Milan, Italy), University of Trieste (Italy), RMC (Kingston, Canada), University of Leeds (UK), of Maastricht (The Netherlands), of Cork (Ireland), Vrije Universiteit Brussel (Belgium), TU-Wien (Austria), TFH-Berlin (Germany), ENIT (Tunis), KTH (Stockholm), University of Cyprus (Nicosia, Cyprus), University of Macau (Macau, China), BESA company (Munich), SIAE Microelettronica (Milano).

  • The project is involved in the GDR-project AFHP (CNRS), in the ANR (Astrid program) project COCORAM (with XLIM, Limoges, and DGA), in a EMS21-RTG NSF program (with MIT, Boston, and Vanderbilt University, Nashville, USA), in the Associate Inria Team IMPINGE (with MIT, Boston), and in a CSF program (with University of Cyprus).