Section: Software and Platforms

AllYours-P2P: A distributed news recommender (former WhatsUp)

Participants : Heverson Borba Ribeiro, Antoine Boutet, Davide Frey, Arnaud Jégou, Anne-Marie Kermarrec, Jean-François Verdonck.

Table 3.
Contact: Antoine Boutet
Licence: AGPL 3.0
Presentation: A distributed news recommender
Status: Beta version, IDDN.FR.001.500002.000.S.P.2013.000.30000 on 09/12/2013

In the context of the AllYours EIT/ICT Labs project, we refined the implementation of WhatsUp into the AllYours-P2P application. The application provides a distributed recommendation system aimed to distribute instant news in a large scale dynamic system. It consists of two parts, running on each peer: an embedded application server, based on Jetty, and a web interface accessible from any web browser. The application server exchanges information with other peers in the system, while the web interface displays news items and collects the opinions of the user.