Section: Software and Platforms

HyRec: A hybrid recommender system

Participants : Antoine Boutet, Davide Frey, Anne-Marie Kermarrec.

Table 4.
Contact: Antoine Boutet
Licence: Proprietary
Status: Beta version, IDDN.FR.001.500007.000.S.P.2013.000.30000 on 09/12/2013

This work leads to the development of HyRec, a hybrid recommender system. The motivation of this work is to explore solutions that could in some sense democratize personalization by making it accessible to any content provider company without generating huge investments. HyRec implements a user-based collaborative filtering scheme and offloads CPU-intensive recommendation tasks to front-end client browsers, while retaining storage and orchestration tasks within back-end servers. HyRec seeks to provide the scalability of P2P approaches without forcing content providers to give up the control of the system.