Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Matthieu Imbert [correspondant] , Laurent Pouilloux.

Execo (http://execo.gforge.inria.fr ) offers a Python API for local or remote, standalone or parallel, processes execution. It is especially well suited for scripting workflows of parallel/distributed operations on local or remote hosts: automating a scientific workflow, conducting computer science experiments, performing automated tests, etc. The core python package is Execo . The execo_g5k package provides a set of tools and extensions for Grid'5000 . The execo_engine package and execo-run script provide an extendable experiment engine.

Execo currently has more than 10 users in and outside the Avalon team, who rely on it to automate experimental workflows, mainly on Grid'5000 ([26] ).

It is distributed under GPLv3 and it is made of 5200 lines of Python.