Section: Application Domains

Transportation Systems & Mobility

Major recent evolutions in Intelligent Transportation Systems (ITS) are linked to rapid changes in communication technologies, such as ubiquitous computing, semantic web, contextual design. A strong emphasis is now put on mobility improvements. In addition to development of sustainable transportation systems (better ecological vehicles' performance, reduction of impacts on town planning etc.) these improvements concern also mobility management, that is specific measures to encourage people to adopt new mobility behaviour such as public transportation services rather than their personal car. These prompting measures concern for instance the quality of traveller's information systems for trip planning, the ability to provide real time recommendations for changing transportation means according to traffic information, and the quality of embedded services in vehicles to provide enhanced navigation aids with contextualised and personalised information.

Since 2004, AxIS has been concerned with mobility projects :

  • PREDIT (2004-2007): The MobiVIP project has been an opportunity to collaborate with local Institutions ("Communauté d'Agglomération de Sophia Antipolis - CASA") and SMEs (VU Log) and to apply AxIS' know-how in data and web mining to the field of transportation systems.

  • Traveller's information systems and recommender systems have been studied with the evaluation of two CASA web sites : the "Envibus" web site which provides information about a bus network and the "Otto&co" web site support car-sharing.

  • Advanced transportation systems has been studied in PREDIT TIC TAC (2010-2012): this project aimed at optimizing travel time by providing in an aera with weak transportation services, a just in time on demand shuttle based on real time information. It was for AxIS the opportunity to experiment user implication in the design of a new travel information system called MOBILTIC.

  • User Experience: in the ELLIOT project (2011-2013), the Mobility scenario is addressed in relation to information on air quality and noise and the use of Internet of Things (IoT).