Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of the Year

  • Y. Lechevallier gave an invited talk "Partitioning Methods On Dissimilarity Matrices Set" related to this publication [20] (cf. Section  6.2.8 ) at the First European Conference on Data Analysis (ECDA 2013) (with around 300 participants) jointly hosted by the two Classification Societies (GkKI in Germany and SFC in France) in July at Luxembourg.

  • BIOVISION 2013, the World Life Sciences Forum: B. Trousse was invited as panellist in the prospective session "eHealth: a coming medical revolution?" at the major event BIOVISION 2013, held March 24-26, 2013 in Lyon, France. With over 3,000 participants, 200 high-level speakers and more than 30,000 Internet followers, BIOVISION is the most-attended multi-stakeholder meeting for all life sciences'players. B. Trousse illustrated the notion of living lab with three concrete e-health experiences from three French living labs (Autonom'lab - Limousin, e-care - Lyon, Living Lab High Alps Living Lab -05) and argued on the importance for the public authorities to appropriate this type of instruments which are living labs;

  • 2030 Prospective (ADEME): B. Trousse was invited by ADEME and Chronos firm among relevant interdisciplinary experts for analysing the ICT & Building challenges at 2030 horizon and for participating at one 2-days seminar at ADEME (Sophia Antipolis);

  • MyGreenServices - Good Practice Prize (Category: Project proposals, initiatives, methodologies and studies) by the International Design for All Foundation for Awards 2014 which will be at Paris in February 2014; AxIS managed a complete deployment of a Living Lab Experiential Design process involving more than 50 active citizen and 13 citizen pollution fixed and mobile sensors. The impact in terms of behaviour change using MyGreenServices was very promising;

  • FocusLab Platform (CPER Telius 2010-2013): we completed a first web-based application allowing the reservation of hardware, software or books (cf. Section  6.6 );

  • Signature of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU ) between B. Trousse, President of France Living Labs as Inria representative of ICT Usage Lab and Jarmo Eskelinen, Chair of ENoLL the European Network of Living Labs ;

  • D. Robache is member of the Department of Research Team Assistants of Inria Sophia Antipolis which receives the Research Support Department Inria Award in 2013.