Section: Software and Platforms


Participants : Aurore Back, Raphaël Blanchard, Edwin Chacon Golcher, Samuel de Santis, Aliou Diouf, Pierre Navaro, Morgane Bergot, Emmanuel Frénod, Virginie Grandgirard, Adnane Hamiaz, Philippe Helluy, Sever Hirstoaga, Michel Mehrenberger, Laurent Navoret, Nhung Pham, Eric Sonnendrücker.

Under the 'Fusion' large scale initiative, we have continued our work in the development of the ADT Selalib (the Semi-Lagrangian Library), now finishing its third year. This library provides building blocks for the development of numerical simulations for the solution of the fundamental equation of plasma physics: the Vlasov equation. In this context we have continued to add new modules improved interfaces and implemented 'continuous integration' software development techniques to improve code robustness and portability. Furthermore, we continue to involve other researchers within France and abroad to aid in the further development of this software product.

One of the aims of the ADT is to provide numerical building blocks for the GYSELA code developed at CEA Cadarache in collaboration with the Calvi project-team. GYSELA is used by physicists for simulating the development of turbulence in magnetic fusion plasmas in particular in view of the ITER project.

This year many developments have incorporated into Selalib: semi-Lagrangian solvers on curvilinear grids, new models, new fully-Eulerian solvers, new linear solvers for the Poisson or quasineutrality equation. More details are given in the corresponding sections, because we always try to test our new algorithms within Selalib.

Selalib is available on the Inria Forge http://selalib.gforge.inria.fr/