Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


Unless specified otherwise, all teaching is done at Université de Lorraine, France.

  • Licence :

    • Guillaume Bonfante

      • Java, L3, Mines Nancy

    • Emmanuel Hainry

      • Operating Systems, 60 hours, L1, IUT Nancy Brabois

      • Algorithms and Programs, 60 hours, L1, IUT Nancy Brabois

      • Object Oriented Programming, 24 hours, L1, IUT Nancy Brabois

      • Databases, 24 hours, L2, IUT Nancy Brabois

      • Complexity, 28 hours, L1, IUT Nancy Brabois

      • Algorithmics, 12 hours, DU PFST (eq. L1), IUT Nancy Brabois

    • Emmanuel Jeandel

      • Statistics for Computer Science, 46 hours, L3 Informatique

      • Linear Programming, 46 hours, L3 Informatique

      • Algorithmics and Programming 1, 60 hours, L1 Maths-Info

      • Algorithmics and Programming 4, 30 hours, L3 Informatique

      • Networking, 20 hours, L2 and L3 Informatique

    • Romain Péchoux

      • Introduction to OO programming, 55 hours, L3 MIASHS parcours MIAGE.

      • Databases, 42 hours, L3 SG, ISAM-IAE

      • Propositional logic, 35 hours, L1 MIASHS

      • Algorithmic complexity, 30 hours, L3 MIASHS parcours MIAGE, IGA Casablanca, Marocco.

  • Master

    • Guillaume Bonfante

      • Modelling and UML, M1, Mines Nancy

      • Video Games, M1, Mines Nancy

      • Semantics, M1, Mines Nancy

      • Safety of Software, M2, Mines Nancy

    • Isabelle Gnaedig

      • Design of Safe Software, Coordination of the module, M2, Telecom-Nancy

      • Rule-based Programming, 20 hours, M2, Telecom-Nancy

    • Emmanuel Jeandel

      • Algorithmics and Complexity, M1 Informatique and M1 ENSEM, 60 hours

      • Combinatorial Optimization, M1 Informatique, 30 hours.

    • Romain Péchoux

      • Mathematics for computer science, 20 hours, M1 SC

      • Advanced Java, 52 hours, M1 MIAGE

    • Simon Perdrix

      • Pépites Algorithmiques — Informatique Quantique, 14 hours, M1/M2, Ecole des Mines de Nancy.


  • PhD : Joan Calvet, Analyse Dynamique de Logiciels Malveillants, Université de Lorraine and Ecole Polytechnique de Montreal, defended August 23rd, supervised by Jean-Yves Marion and José M. Fernandez.

  • PhD in progress: David Cattanéo, Combinatorial Modelization in Quantum Computation and Generalized Cover Problems, started sept. 2012, Pablo Arrighi (director), Simon Perdrix (co-advisor)

  • PhD in progress: Hugo Férée, Computational Complexity in Analysis, defense planned in December 2014, Jean-Yves Marion (director) and Mathieu Hoyrup (co-advisor).

  • PhD in progress: Hubert Godfroy, Semantics of Self-modifying Programs, Jean-Yves Marion

  • PhD in progress: Jérôme Javelle , Quantum Cryptography: Protocols and Graphs, started Jan. 2011, Pablo Arrighi (director), Mehdi Mhalla (co-advisor), Simon Perdrix (co-advisor)

  • PhD in progress: Thanh Dinh Ta, Malware Algebraic Modeling and Detection, started Sept. 2010, Jean-Yves Marion (director) and Guillaume Bonfante (co-advisor)

  • PhD in progress: Aurélien Thierry, Morphological Analysis of Malware, started Oct. 2011 supervised by Jean-Yves Marion.


Isabelle Gnaedig:

  • participation to the Telecom-Nancy admission committee.

Emmanuel Jeandel

  • Selection committee for a research assistant position in Nice (MCF 1114).

  • Jury of Razvan Barbulescu's PhD Defense on “Algorithmes de logarithmes discrets dans les corps finis”, defended in Université de Lorraine, December 5th.