Section: Software and Platforms

Coqine, Holide and Focalide

Dedukti comes with three companion tools: Holide , an embedding of HOL proofs through the OpenTheory format [51] , Coqine , an embedding of Coq proofs, and Focalide , an embedding of FoCaLiZe certified programs. All of the OpenTheory standard library and a part of Coq's and FoCaLiZe's libraries are checked by Dedukti.

A preliminary version of Coqine supports the following features of Coq: the raw Calculus of Constructions, inductive types, and fixpoint definitions. Coqine is currently being rewritten to support universes. Coqine has been developed by Mathieu Boespflug, Guillaume Burel, and Ali Assaf.

Holide supports all the features of HOL, including ML-polymorphism, constant definitions, and type definitions. It is able to translate all of the OpenTheory standard theory library. Holide has been developed by Ali Assaf.

Focalide supports the object-oriented features of FoCaLiZe, including inheritance, late-binding, redefinition and class parameters, and functional programming features of FoCaLiZe. It has been updated to work with the last version of FoCaLiZe. Focalide has been developed by Raphaël Cauderlier.