Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

Organization of conferences and editorial boards

Marie-Paule Cani has been associate editor of ACM Transaction on Graphics since July 2013. She served on the programm committees of Shape Modeling International (SMI 2013), of Expressive'2013 (the ACM-EG symposium on Sketch-based Interfaces and Modeling - SBIM, Non-photorealistic Animation and Renderting - NPAR, and Computational Aestethics - CAe), and of the EG Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP'2013).

Stefanie Hahmann

  • General co-Chair with Konrad Polthier of the SIAM GD/SPM 2013 conference in Denver

  • Member of the IPC for Eurographics in Girona 2013 and for CAD/Graphics in Hongkong 2013

  • Member of Program committee for the International Conference on Shape Modeling and Applications in Bournemouth 2013 and Computer Graphics International (CGI) Hannover, 2013

Rémi Ronfard was a Program Committee members for 6 international conferences

  • International Conference on Motion in Games (MIG).

  • International Conference on Interactive Storytelling (ICIDS).

  • ACM conference on Computational Aesthetics (CAE).

  • Workshop on Intelligent Cinematography and Editing (WICED).

  • Workshop on Intelligent Narrative Technologies (INT).

  • International Conference on 3D Imaging (IC3D).

Jean-Claude Léon was Member of the scientific board of SBIM 2014.

François Faure was chairing the Eurographics working group on Animation and Simulation.

Damien Rohmer

  • Member of the Technical Brief & Posters committee for SIGGRAPH Asia 2013.

  • Member of the Short Paper committee for Eurographics 2014.

Management and administration of scientific organisations

Marie-Paule Cani has been vice chair of the Eurographics association since January 2013. She has been chairing the steering committee of the Eurographics conference since May 2013. She is a member of the ACM Publication Board. She is also member of the steering committees of the SMI and Expressive international conferences.

In France, Marie-Paule Cani is a member of the executive board of the GRD IG-RV (Informatique Graphique - Réalité Virtuelle) of CNRS, and an EC member of the french chapter of Eurographics.

François Faure is a member of the Conseil du Laboratoire at LJK.

Stefanie Hahmann

  • Member of the SMA Executive Committee (Shape Modeling Association)

  • President of GTMG (Groupe de Travail en Modélisation Géométrique) part of GDR IM and GDR IG.

  • International expert for the Italian Research and University Evaluation Agency (ANVUR)

  • Member of the Conseil du Laboratoire at LJK.

  • Responsible of Maths-Info department of the Grenoble doctoral school MSTII.

Olivier Palombi is a member of the scientific board of ECCAMI (Excellence center for computer assisted medical interventions).

Rémi Ronfard is the Director of the Geometry and Image Department, Laboratoire Jean Kuntzman, Université de Grenoble.

Public dissemination

Damien Rohmer is involved in the Hévéa project working on the mathematical model of the flat torus. This flat torus has been highlighted in various medias during the year 2013 (fig. 13 ).

  • The flat torus and its vizualisation has been published in several diffusion journal

    • Pour la Science, n. 425, mars 2013. Les fractales lisses, un nouvel objet mathématique

    • La Recherche, n. 471, janvier 2013. The flat torus is cited as the 5th most important discovery of 2012.

    • Science & Vie, decembre 2012. Le tore plat n'a plus de secrets.

    • Cover of the magazine CNRS Rhone-Auvergne

    • Images des Maths, decembre 2012, Rothorn un tore plat!

    • Images des Maths, decembre 2012, Gnash! un tore plat!

  • 14 posters were created for the Fête de la science in Lyon to explains the model of he flat torus in October 2013.

  • From October to December 2013, the flat torus was highlighted in the art exhibition Formes élémentaires in Gyuancourt.

  • In 2014, a large image of the flat torus is exposed in the subway of Paris at the Montparnasse station.

Rémi Ronfard gave an invited talk at the International Federation for Theatre Research where he presented his ongoings projects Scenoptique and Spectaclenligne(s) for recording, analyzing and editing theatre performances and rehearsals.

He co-chaired a national meeting on the analysis and understanding of emotions, as part of the working group on "action and gesture", CNRS GDR ISIS, and the ARC6 region network, in Lyon in October 2013.

Remi Ronfard organized an INTECH workshop on the convergence between digital cinéma and interactive games, which attracted 100 participants from research and industry to Inria Rhone Alpes (http://www.inria.fr/centre/grenoble/actualites/cinema-et-jeu-video-la-convergence-passe-par-inria).

Figure 13. Various diffusions foccusing on the flat torus project.