Section: Software and Platforms

Gar6more2D and Gar6more3D

Participant : Julien Diaz [correspondant] .

This codes compute the analytical solution of problems of waves propagation in two layered 3D media such as- acoustic/acoustic- acoustic/elastodynamic- acoustic/porous- porous/porous, based on the Cagniard-de Hoop method.

See also the web page http://web.univ-pau.fr/~jdiaz1/software.html .

The main objective of these codes is to provide reference solutions in order to validate numerical codes. They have been already used by J. Tromp and C. Morency to validate their code of poroelastic wave propagation  [96] . They are freely distributed under a CECILL license and can be downloaded on the website http://web.univ-pau.fr/~jdiaz1/software.html . As far as we know, the main competitor of this code is EX2DELDEL ( available on http://www.spice-rtn.org ), but this code only deals with 2D acoustic or elastic media. Our codes seem to be the only ones able to deal with bilayered poroelastic media and to handle the three dimensional cases.

  • ACM: J.2

  • AMS: 34B27 35L05 35L15 74F10 74J05

  • Programming language: Fortran 90