Section: Dissemination

Teaching - Supervision - Juries


The members of our team are involved in teaching computer science at University Bordeaux I and II, ENSEIRB Engineering School, and Institut d'Optique Graduate School (IOGS). General computer science is concerned, as well as the following graphics related topics:

  • Master : Pierre Bénard and Romain Pacanowski, Photorealistic and Expressive Image Synthesis, 60 HETD, M2, Univ. Bdx I, France.

  • Master : Xavier Granier, Numerical Techniques, 45 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Xavier Granier, Image Synthesis, 14 HETD, M2, IOGS, France

  • Master : Xavier Granier, Romain Pacanowski and Boris Raymond, Algorithmic and Object Programming, 60 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Xavier Granier and Romain Pacanowski, Radiometry and Colorimetry, 15 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Gaël Guennebaud and Simon Boyé, High-performance 3D Graphics, 60 HETD, M1, Univ. Bdx I, France.

  • Master : Pascal Guitton and Pierre Bénard, Virtual Reality, 60 HETD, M2, Univ. Bdx I, France.

  • Master : Ivo Ihrke, Computational Optical Imaging, 20 HETD, M1, IOGS, France

  • Master : Christophe Schlick, Martin Hachet, Pierre Bénard and Jeremy Laviole, Image Synthesis and Virtual Reality, 60 HETD, M2, ENSEIRB, France

  • Licence : Patrick Reuter, Digital Imaging, 36 HETD, L3, Univ. Bdx 2, France.

Some members are also in charge of some fields of study:

  • Master : Xavier Granier, Optics and Computer Science, M1/M2 , IOGS, France.

  • License : Patrick Reuter, Science and Modeling, L2, Univ. Bdx II, France.


  • PhD : Cyprien Buron, Interactive Generation and Rendering of Massice Models: a Parallel Procedural Approach, Univ. Bordeaux, 4th of February 2014, Jean-Eudes Marie & Gaël Guennebaud & Xavier Granier

  • PhD : Heqi Lu, Importance Sampling of Realistic Light Sources, Univ. Bordeaux, 27th of February 2014, Xavier Granier & Romain Pacanowski

  • PhD : Alkhazur Manakov, Calibration and Characterization of Advanced Image-Based Measurement Systems, Saarland University, Ivo Ihrke

  • PhD : Boris Raymond, Rendering and manipulation of anisotropic materials , Univ. Bordeaux, Pascal Barla & Gaël Guennebaud & Xavier Granier

  • PhD : Ilya Reshetouski, Mirror Systems for Extended View Point Coverage, Saarland University, Ivo Ihrke

  • PhD : John Restrepo, Plenoptic Imaging and Computational Image Quality Metrics, Univ. Bordeaux, Ivo Ihrke

  • PhD : Brett Ridel, Interactive spatial augmented reality, Univ. Bordeaux, Patrick Reuter & Xavier Granier

  • PhD : Carlos Zubiaga Pena, Image-space editing of appearance , Univ. Bordeaux, Pascal Barla & Xavier Granier


  • PhD : Jean-Patrick Roccia  [87] , 24th of May, Toulouse, France.

  • PhD : Adrien Bernhardt  [36] , 3th of July, Grenoble, France.

  • PhD : Suman-Kumar Maji  [71] , 12th of November, Bordeaux, France.

  • PhD : Violaine Todoroff, 9th of December, Toulouse, France.