Section: Overall Objectives

Highlights of the Year

The first highlight of the year was the team's strong participation at SIGGRAPH: three full technical papers, one talk, and the organization of Inria booth at the exhibition. As a result, the projects got major media coverage (100 000 views of paper videos, publications in internet media) and strong industrial interest (Zeiss, Schneider-Kreuznach, Blender, The Foundry, 3DS).

As a second highlight, the Eigen library – whose main contributors include Gaël Guennebaud and Desiré Nuentsa – has received the “High Quality Software in Geometry Processing Award 2013” at the Symposium on Geometry Processing (SGP), a prestigious prize for software development. This prize shows that the library has become a quasi-standard in the field.

The third hightlight is shared with our partners of the ANR SeARCH project (see Section  8.2.1 ). The results of our collaborative work on the Isis statue was one of the key events of a 6 months exhibition at the “Musée Royal de Mariemont” in Brussels. We also had a major success with our interactive installation “The Revealing Flashlight” (cf. Figure 3 ). These results were made possible by the new visualization and re-assembly tools developed in our team.


Figure 3. The installation “The Revealing Flashlight” lets visitors explore ancient artifacts interactively.
IMG/amsterdam1.png IMG/amsterdam2.png