Section: Software and Platforms


Participants: N. Mellado, G. Ciaudo, G. Guennebaud, P. Barla

Keywords : multi-scale analysis, material appearance, vector graphics, expressive rendering, 2D animation

Patate is a header only C++/CUDA library for graphics applications released under the MPL license.

It provides a collection of Computer Graphics techniques that incorporate the latest innovations from Inria research teams working in the field. It strives for efficiency and ease-of-use by focusing on low-level core operators and key algorithms, organised in modules that each tackle a specific set of issues. The central goal of the library is to drastically reduce the time and efforts required to turn a research paper into a ready-to-use solution, for both commercial and academic purposes.

Each module is initially developped by a few persons, usually those who have authored the corresponding research papers. An engineer, Gautier Ciaudo, has been recruited via the ADT program to perform unit tests, bug tracking, and make examples. Our first module provides efficient methods for the fitting and analysis of point-clouds in arbitrary dimensions. It may be used for varied purposes such as curvature computation, surface reconstruction, scale-space analysis, image processing, and sketch vectorization. More modules will be developped in 2014.