Section: Dissemination

Scientific Animation

  • Yves Denneulin is the director of Grenoble INP ENSIMAG.

  • Corinne Touati is the Grenoble INP correspondent for international relations with Japan.

  • Yves Denneulin and Jean-Marc Vincent are co-directors of the LICIA (Franco-Brazilian Laboratory).

  • Arnaud Legrand is mandated by the LIG for representing the Networking and Parallel and Distributed System teams of the LIG.

  • Panayotis Mertikopoulos is mandated by the LIG to supervise PhD students of the laboratory.

Invited Talks

  • Bruno Gaujal was a keynote speaker at ICPP'13 and an invited speaker at the Dagstuhl Seminar on Exascale computing.

  • Panayotis Mertikopoulos was an invited speaker to

    • the 30 years congress of the Société de Mathématiques Appliquées et Industrielles

    • the Evolutionnary Dynamics and Market Behavior workshop, Haussdorf Research

    • the Institute for Mathematics , Bonn, Germany

    • Erice 2013 (Stochastich Methods in Game Theory), Sicile, Italy

    • ADGO 2013 (Algorithms and Dynamics for Games and Optimization), Playa Blanca, Chile

  • Arnaud Legrand has given an invited talk at TU Wien (April), at the JLPC at NCSA (November). He was a keynote speaker at ERADS (Porto Alegre, Brazil) in March 2013 and at SimuTools (Nice, Cannes) in March 2013.

Journal, Conference and Workshop Organization

  • Arnaud Legrand has organized the SimGrid user days in Lyon (June 2013).

  • Arnaud Legrand has organized the BOINC workshop in Grenoble (September 2013).

  • Corinne Touati and Panayotis Mertikopoulos have organized the Algo-GT workshop in Grenoble (July 2013).

Program Committees

  • Panayotis Mertikopoulos has been Publication chair of WiOpt'13, TPC member of ValueTools'13. He is a regular reviewer for ISIT'13, ITW'13, Games on Economic Behavior, Journal of Economic Theory, Advances on Applied Probability, IEEE Trans. on Information Theory, IEEE Trans. on Wireless Communications, IEEE Trans, on Signal Processing.

  • Bruno Gaujal has been a TPC member of Wodes, IPDPS and SigMetrics.

  • Olivier Richard has initiated a reproducible research track in Compas entitled Realis. He is a regular reviewer for Parallel Computing, TSI and CLCAR.

  • Jean-Marc Vincent has been in the steering committee of AMSTA and a TPC member of IPDPS'13, SimuTools'13, ValueTools'13 and SimulTech'13.

  • Arnaud Legrand has been a TPC member of IPDPS'13, ICPP'13, PPAM and is a regular reviewer for IJHPCA, SIMPAT and TPDS.